In class last night we set up a ‘yahoo’ – a last run of the night, using lots of obstacles in sequence. It was set up like the scribbled drawing on the right – I’m certainly no artist! (unlike Team Small Dog. Their courses always look amazing and awesome.) It was incredibly fun!!! Quick did pretty well, I think. He refused the tire, and I lost him after the A-frame – I have to be more careful to look back at him!  Otherwise, he bounded along beside me happily.

We’re still not proficient enough at weaves to use the ones you can see set up in the middle, but to be honest, only one person in the whole class did it, so I didn’t feel bad at all! We had fun.

Quick needs more work on his one-jump exercises. He knocks the bar a lot, but I’m sure we’ll get there!

His rewards aren’t exciting him much, either! I use charlee bears because they’re easy and he likes them, but I can definitely tell a difference in his work ethic now that I’ve switched to only using charlee bears. He likes them, he does not love and adore them. Back to freeze-dried liver or something soft and smelly to mix in with the charlee bears, that way he’ll have a lottery experience, I think!

2 Comments on “Yahoo!

  1. I find that doing lottery-treats works very well, it’s exciting and interesting when you don’t know exactly what you’ll get. I also mix in Zuke’s Mini treats and, (in an unsolicited testimonial), has them at a VERY good price.

    • Thanks! I will look into that. I like them, and so does Quick. (And what I like is that they’re tasty, fairly nutritious, and come in nice little bits!)