Car Safety

How do you restrain your dog in the car?  Quick has a seatbelt and harness. The harness is padded and the seatbelt portion has been crash tested. I used to have a leash restraint system, but one time I stopped quickly and it pulled on his neck. I’m so lucky he wasn’t hurt! I immediately bought a harness, to restrain and protect him in case of accident.  If I had a larger car, I think I would get an airline-style crate.

What are your thoughts? Quick also gets to put his head out the window on certain stretches of road. (Bad dog owner, I know, however, I live in a rural area with little traffic and the roads are good. I don’t feel that he is particularly at risk for gravel and/or other cars or fumes.)

8 Comments on “Car Safety

  1. I use the American Tourister seat belt harnesses for my Cockers. They attach to the closed car seat belt. Dogs can use a “cuddle bed” or just a large pad across the back seat. Both are comfortable moving around and sleeping. Wouldn’t travel without them!

  2. I use the large Snoozer Lookout car seat. The car’s seat belt holds the car seat in place. There is a strap that goes around the seat belt and connects to my dachshunds’ harnesses. Best investment I ever made.

    • Nope! That’s a stock photo from google – Quick is a big black and white collie, you can find his picture elsewhere on the blog! He does lie down and sleep in his harness though, most of the time!

  3. Against my better judgement, my mastiff rides loose in the back. I suppose I could get a crate, but it would take up the entire storage space. He is good about laying down when we are moving.

  4. I am interested in knowing what others suggest in terms of harnesses available and restraining devices. Many of us transport multiple dogs and cannot fit multiple crates into our vehicles, but I want to safely transport my guys. Thanks.

    • I have two harnesses with the clip-ins. I like them for my bigger dogs, because I don’t trust the ‘zip line’ approach, and I like that they can move around at least a little. I got mine from Drs. Foster and Smith online.