Clean Run!

Tonight’s Yahoo – which I can not even begin to sketch (there were jumps and tunnels and an A-frame and  – was a clean run for Quick and I! Our very first!  Oh, what a rush… I can see how addicting this sport is!  We didn’t refuse anything, drop any bars, or get zoomies!  I credit this to treats.  Since we were allowed to have them, I treated him after every obstacle!

I still believe that counts as a clean run, he’s still just a baby dog.

Other moments from tonight – he did his first full-height A-frame and dogwalk.  Contactacoat really makes such a huge difference in his comfort and confidence!  He’s back to being happy on the teeter, too.  I really regret getting too excited and raising the drop too quickly, but I’m glad to say he’s bouncing right back – literally. He leaps on his teeters.  I’m sure he’ll settle back down to just trotting.