‘Fall’ into Agility

Summer is a busy time for everyone.

Fall can be even busier!  Sometimes it’s so busy we don’t have much time to spend with our dogs, and then when we DO have the time, we feel so bad we didn’t spend time with them during the busy time we don’t want to, now.

The best thing about dogs, is they don’t care.  They’re just so happy you are spending time with them NOW, they forget about the busy weeks when you were rushing here and there and everywhere.  They don’t know they were SUPPOSED to have learned the contacts a few weeks back, and they don’t care, either.  They’ll learn their contacts now, to make you happy.  Don’t feel guilty for what you haven’t done.  Do what you can, and know your dog doesn’t want you to feel guilty, either.  They won’t have as much fun if you feel guilty!

Set up a quick yahoo or a new course for you and your dog today and take a few minutes to do it – no stress, no fuss, just fun!