Sequence Ready?

How do I know my dog is ready to sequence?

Thankfully, most things in agility aren’t an exact science.  They’re based on your relationship with your dog and your ability to ‘feel out’ how your dog is doing.

For sequencing, your dog should know obstacles by name, and be able to take the correct obstacle when you call it out to him, when another obstacle is nearby.  He also should be proofed to running farther from your side, and for your speed and position to vary from obstacle to obstacle.

If you think your dog is ready for sequencing, try it!  Set up a small sequence, get a lot of awesome treats or a favorite toy, and go for it!  I suggest keeping the sequence short at first, and give a lot of rewards.  I remember my first sequences, I was so happy and excited to be doing them that it ‘rubbed off’ on my dog, and he found them to be the best thing ever! I think that the bond you share with your dog will definitely help you successfully sequence.

Does anyone else have any thoughts?