Jumping Properly

How can I tell if my dog is jumping properly?

That’s a hard question to answer, since I haven’t met your dog!  However, there are some basic tips for assessing your dog’s jumping. (if you have doubts, please ask your trainer or a vet.  They can help you!)

Is the dog ‘throwing’ themself at the jump or are they jumping it?  Some dogs look like they’re hurtling themselves like little rockets at hurdles.  They should be jumping in a nice, rounded way, not ‘flat’ like a jet takeoff.

Stutter-stepping  If your dog’s cadence goes off consistently before jumping, you may want to videotape them or ask someone else to watch while you run them.  See if the stutterstepping is caused by sequencing, or the dog having difficulty finding the jump.

Don’t forget!  spacing is important. If your obstacles are too close, it can effect the way your dog jumps.

Look  up the jump heights for the organization you participate in, or ask your trainer to help you determine your dog’s jump height.  That will really help! (please keep in mind that the shortlong breeds like daschunds and bassetts often jump at preferred heights, as do some of the giant breeds.)