Love the Dog You’re With

Having goals for your dog and your relationship is a good thing.  Without them, you’ll never get anywhere! No matter what your goal is, remember that it’s your goal. Your dog’s goals are much different and run more along the lines of ‘enjoy time with you’, ‘eat a lot of cookies’, ‘play a lot of tug’, and the ultimate, ‘catch that squirrel!’

Sometimes we can benefit from those simple lessons our dogs teach us; that even though goals are wonderful worthwhile objects, we need to take a moment and just love the dog we’re with.  Don’t let your long-term goals spoil your enjoyment of the time you get to spend with your dog.  They love you even if they do pop out on the third weave every time! They wouldn’t trade you for the world, all the cookies in creation, or some quality time with the squirrel.

Love the dogs you’re with, and take them with you towards your goals.