Thanksgiving Treats and Trials

We all want to share the good things in life with our dogs- and Thanksgiving is a good thing.   But please, don’t overfeed your dog, or give him things that could hurt him, like bones or too much gravy.  Spending the day after such a nice holiday at the vets’ with your dog miserable beside you will completely ruin the holiday.  Instead, spend time with your dog if you can, and give them treats just for them, like those below.  If you can’t be with your dog or watching them, consider crating them with a stuffed kong or other delicious treat.

Here are some ideas for safely treating your buddy this Thanksgiving!

After Dinner Delight

Leftover turkey
cranberry sauce (take it easy on this one, dogs don’t need a lot of sugar in their diets!)
any other vegetables (not onions!)
Mix together all of the above, and drizzle lightly with a tablespoon or two of gravy.  Don’t give your dog more than one serving (approximately how much he’d eat anyway).  Make certain there are no bones in the meat.  Remember, while hot food tastes great to humans, dogs’ aren’t used to it.  Let his food cool thoroughly.

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