Slow Weaver?

How can I make my dog like running weave poles? My dog does them well, but is so slow!

Weaves are difficult for dogs. I suggest rewarding the weaves heavily when you do them. Does your dog do them perfectly? if so, she might be bored and a week off of weave training could help. Start afresh and make the weaves a happy, fast place, not a stressful experience. Don’t overdrill them, keep the rewards changing – sometimes a ball, sometimes food, sometimes a different favorite obstacle and then rewards.

1 Comment on “Slow Weaver?

  1. One thing that worked for me is a jackpot reward. The idea is if you see incremental progress on the weaves, the dog gets a big reward, and then you are finished working for that day.

    So number 1, you end the day’s training on a positive note, and number 2, the dog remembers that its possible to earn a jackpot (who doesn’t like that?), and will try to earnestly to earn one again!

    The hardest thing (for me) is to stop training when things go good, but it really pays in the long run, if you don’t have a super driven dog.