Travel Questions

If you’re traveling this holiday season, are you taking your dog or leaving them home?  This week we’ll be having a mini-series on how to decide about your travel arrangements, travelling with your dog, leaving them  home, and how to make the holidays a bit safer for your dog!  Please weigh in with your ideas on how to help, too!

Deciding to take your dog or leave them home is a difficult decision, but it’s important to think about the dog’s comfort.  Are they homebodies, or do they thrill to the open road?

Will you really have the time to spend with your dog?  Are there other dogs where you’re staying that might not like your dog? Does your dog  get along well with other dogs?  Is there room for your dog?  Does your dog get carsick?  Is it worth the risk of travelling by air for your dog? Can you find a good hotel in the area?

Can you find a good boarding place?

Are there neighbors or friends who might be willing to take care of your dog or have them as a doggie houseguest?

Part 2