Ladders to Dogwalks

Dogwalk planks are 12” across and require great foot dexterity to navigate safely.  If you begin teaching puppies and young dogs on the flat how to keep their paws under control (and under their bodies!) you will have a step ahead on safely navigating dogwalks and A-frames.

Lay the ladder flat on the ground and coax or shape your dog to walk it.  When they trot along the length of the ladder confidently, flip it onto its legs and ask the dog to walk that way, raising each foot high, like a football player.

Ladders teach the dog not only to be aware of their feet, but also to walk along a long, narrow length.  By training your dog on a ladder, you are helping them learn how to run over a dogwalk beam.

After your dog has mastered ladders, start them on a plank on the ground, then on cinderblocks.  Soon you’ll have a brilliant dogwalker!