Brushing Up

February is national pet dental health month – do you brush your pet’s teeth regularly? Ever? How do you do it? I use baking soda and a terry cloth when I groom them – my dogs actually like the taste, how weird is that?

3 Comments on “Brushing Up

  1. Well, my dogs must be weird too…I was using baking soda to remove odor from some fabric the other day. BOTH dogs decided to have a taste test and decided they liked it 😉 I retract my previous comment that your dogs liking baking soda was weird!

  2. They like the taste of baking soda? That IS weird 😉 I used to brush my dogs teeth, but now I let them do it themselves with natural chewing (along with a diet change)…all kinds of shapes and sizes of raw bones, bully sticks, hooves, etc…and their teeth have never looked better! Clean as a whistle and very strong.

    • Yep, they seem to! they lean in and try to lick it up! I give my dogs raw bones as well, but bully sticks are SO expensive they don’t get them much. 🙁