I was wondering the other day, if a company came up with a decent GPS unit for dogs – so you could locate them – would I buy it? I’m not sure, I’m careful with my dogs and keep them primarily on leash, but if I were traveling I might want to use it, just in case… does anyone know if these exist? Anyone used them?

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  1. Totally cool, right?! I use GPS collars on wildlife (I’m a wildlife biologist) and have friends/co-workers that use tracking collars on their working dogs (mostly Karelians). My dogs aren’t *that* kind of working dog, but they will bark and appear intimidating on command for wildlife when I need them to.

  2. They do make VHF tracking collars for dogs that are used to hunt wildlife. Anyone can buy those collars…you tune into a particular radio signal with a receiver that you can track in the direction of the collar…some receivers even had a signal strength that give you an idea on how far away the collar is. They do make GPS collars for wildlife, but those require some sophisticated receiving software to receive data from a satellite to a laptop, and in some cases even a cell phone. However, at some $2,000-5,000 per collar alone, I doubt anyone would go for it! The VHF collars do work well though 🙂