Tremendous Teeters

A dog and a teeter are a wonderful thing. I love seeing a dog who enjoys teeters run a course – they pounce the obstacle with so much energy and enthusiasm.  Make sure your dog is well-acquainted with this common obstacle to keep up to speed on courses.

2 Comments on “Tremendous Teeters

    • Hi Katie! If the teeter won’t go down, ‘calibrate’ it using weights so that it drops in 3 seconds with a 3 pound weight. According to the AKC, “The plank is balanced so that it hits the ground in less than 3 seconds when a 3-pound weight is placed 12 inches from the raised end. Clubs must provide a 3-pound weight and stopwatch to check this setting. Judges are required to test the Seesaw’s speed at the beginning of each trial weekend. The club must have on-hand the materials to correct a slow-dropping Seesaw (example: Duct tape/fasteners, weights, etc.).” If your teeter isn’t falling with three pounds on it, try adding some weight to the underside of the end. If it’s at practice, I would ask the trainer to take a look at the calibration of the seesaw. I hope this helps you and your Maltese!