Are You Ready?

For spring, that is?  I sure am!  It’s about time to get all the equipment out and ready to go!  There’s plenty to consider when you set up for the spring, like;

  • Change the course Did you practice on a same-old, same-old course last summer?  Now is the time to make a definite change!  rearrange and go wild, variety is the spice of life for you and your dog.
  • Treat your wood All wood surfaces need care.  Check for cracks and splits that may need caulking. Repaint now if the contacts need them, or consider adding rubber contact a coat!
  • Check your edges and tape Wipe down all your surfaces with a clean rag.  If the rag catches, get some sandpaper and sand the rough edges off. If tape is coming undone, remove it completely, wipe the bar or weave with goo gone, and reapply.   Dangling tape can get caught in fur!
  • Add some color! While you’re changing your tape, consider changing colors, as well!  We’ve got a wide selection to offer, and many of our obstacles come in color choices like vibrant blue, radical red, and sunny yellow.  If you’re planning on adding a jump, why not make it pretty?
  • Wipe down your tunnels check your tunnels for uneven wear and flip them.  Vacuum them out if they’re dirty and furry. Wipe them clean with soap and water and put them in the sun in a dry spot to dry, fully extended.

Can you think of anything we missed that needs to be done for spring agility set-up?

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