Llama Agility

Llama agility is a big challenge. I did it once in 4-H with a friends’ llama. I’m very short, and he was very tall- but I managed, and so did he! Leading a big animal like that through a course (rare indeed is the llama that will go ahead of you!) can be very hard. I nearly tripped over the jump, and what isn’t shown here is a teeter board much like ours, except much, much bigger. The llama did not want to go, but I looked it in the eye and said ‘We’re going’! He was startled at my tone and the tug to his halter as the person holding him stepped onto the scary board! Well, if she was doing it, he could do it too… we went, and we were the only ones that day who ran a perfect course! I think it had to do with my respect for him as a large mammal, but my refusal to be intimidated by his size. Don’t let big things scare you! Look them in the eye and say ‘we’re GOING!’. (This works really well in life, I’ve found!)