When Should I Start Agility Training?

Sometimes agility feels like a lifestyle!  Agility training has no set ‘start’ and ‘stop’ times, since all relationship work with your dog counts for it! That’s part of what makes agility so fun for me, it’s more than jumps and tunnels (although my dog wishes there were more tunnels. Always.)

However, it’s not safe to start a young dog on jumps before the growth plates in their bones close.  Puppies run around and bounce and leap, but there’s a big difference between ‘natural’ jumping and agility.  Agility is directed exercise, much like gymnastics for humans.

Agility preparation can begin immediately though, regardless of bone plates.  You can teach your puppy to be brave about the world, socialize her, and encourage curiousity and creative thinking.  Make use of IQ games that stimulate his mind, set up a tunnel for playing in, and build your relationship through positive obedience classes and exercise.