Why Weave?

Why are there so many methods to teach your dog to weave?

Everyone learns differently! The same is true of our dogs.  Some dogs are motivated by lettuce, others only really get excited by liver bits (yes, you can condition them to enjoy a wider variety, but sometimes working with your dogs natural preferences works out best!) So some dogs do fabulously learning to weave in 2×2’s, and others do better in channels, or slanting weave poles.  Or maybe it’s the trainer who understands one better than the other, and so the dog learns more quickly and thoroughly using one method over the other.  So long as your end result is the same – wicked fast, happy weaves – the methodology for getting there doesn’t matter quite so much.

If a particular style of weaving just isn’t working for you and your dog after you’ve given it a good try, ask your trainer if you can try another method.  If you use stick in the ground weaves, it’s easy to change between methods!  Just change the layout of your weaves and you’re good to go.