Oh chute!

This vid is both awesome, and a little scary. The little dog is unharmed, but boy, what a spill! I love the attitude she brings to the table and the speed she’s displaying. Wow.  Have you ever had an agility spill?

4 Comments on “Oh chute!

  1. No problem! Yesterday was our first day getting back on a teeter since her last spill and I’m happy to say she had no problem with it. Phew!

  2. We’ve had a couple spills, but only at class, not during a trial.

    The first one happened the very first time we were allowed to run the full A-Frame. We had been working on end behaviors (2on/2off) and so she was used to going partway up and turning around (since she’s too heavy for me to simply lift onto the frame). She was rocking the end behaviors so we let her run the whole one. She started up it, began to turn like she was used to, realized I was continuing on and tried to correct herself, which meant she launched herself right off the A-Frame and landed on her side. And then didn’t move. It was scary! But she was ok.

    The second one happened recently. We’re working on teeter work and had the teeter set up to run between two pause tables so the dogs could get used to the movement without tipping it all the way. I didn’t notice that through repeated use the pause table had moved out a bit and the teeter end was resting RIGHT on the end of it. She ran across the teeter and hit the end hard. This caused the pause table to fly out from under the teeter and the teeter to continue dropping. She fell awkwardly between the two with one paw and her head still up on the pause table and the rest of her down with the teeter. She got up limping and we walked her around for a bit. The limping stopped, but that was the end of her work for the day. Luckily, she was none the worse for it. She was moving fine the next day.

    • Sorry it took me so long to respond!

      I’m so sorry your dog took a spill, that’s so scary. Good on her for getting back up and going! So glad she’s doing well. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!