Picking a Teeter

I want a teeter for home practice; what should I get?

Practicing on a teeter is fun and challenging – it’s a favorite for home enthusiasts! There are several options to choose from depending on space, your dog size, and how much effort you want to put into your plank.

Complete teeter set: If you want easy set-up and ready use for any size dog, the competition teeter seesaw base + plank is the way for you to go. The plank is traction-treated aluminum-based plywood, and the fully adjustable base is powder-coated steel. I think this is a fantastic option for someone who wants to just open up boxes and put things together and go! This set is a little more expensive than the others below, and must ship freight, but in many cases the convenience makes up for it.

Practice See-saw base: The practice see-saw base requires the most work to set up; you need to purchase, paint, and traction treat your own plank. However, it is also one of the cheapest options, and works for any size dog! The teeter is sturdy and affordable, two must-haves for practice. The base is also weatherproof, so you really only have to store your plank elsewhere.

Mini Travel Teeter: The mini travel teeter is a godsend for anyone who has a small (to small-medium) dog, and storage issues. When you take it apart, it’s small enough to fit in the trunk of a car! The plank is pre-painted and traction treated for ready-to-run fun!

Teacup competition teeter: Another 8’ board item, prepainted and traction treated and ready to go on delivery! The Teacup teeter is suitable for small to medium dogs only, however, which limits the scope of who can use it. I like how easy it is to use, and the plank is solid.

Rocker Board: While technically not a teeter, for extreme space constraints a rocker board can at least help you work with your dog on motion and contact behaviors.