What was your favorite competition moment – for your own dog, or someone elses? I’ve never competed, but I watched many competitions. My favorite moment was a clean run by a harlequin Great Dane – I had never seen a harlequin Great Dane in person, and seeing one do agility was something of a miracle to me! She was so careful with the weavepoles, and had such a look of joy on her face as she loped around the rest of the course with her handler that it has stayed with me to this day, nearly five years later. It wasn’t a blazingly fast run, they Q’d, but their connection and her grace is something I can’t easily forget. There have been other brilliant moments, but that is my favorite.

3 Comments on “Competition!

  1. It IS tough! And even better, we went to our first AKC trial last weekend and she got the send bonus in FAST (granted I screwed up and we ended up way over time because we were in the wrong place when the buzzer went off, but still…she got the send!).

  2. I’ve only been to 6 trials so far, but my favourite moments for my personal runs:

    1. The first time Dahlia took the A-Frame at a trial. She had been refusing them at trials and so we worked hard at figuring out why (striding issue) and fixing it. And so when she came out of a tunnel, saw the A-Frame and flew at the A-Frame I was thrilled.

    2. We did a Jackpot run in CPE and even though we didn’t Q, my Velcro dog did 3 out of 4 of the gamble obstacles. She actually made a beeline for the tunnel (missing a jump) and took it even though it was some 10+ feet away from where I was. It was awesome to see her getting the confidence to go out and away from me!