Limited Space? No Worries!

Seems a little... inequitable...

You’ve got the will, but there’s no way you can practice agility in your little house or apartment, right?

While practicing on full-sized equipment is a must for competitions, you can grab the agility bull by the horns by taking classes and using some creativity.

  • Classes In order for your dog to experience full-sized equipment, I do suggest taking classes, or seeing if a local dog park has agility equipment you can use.
  • Small Jumps  Affordable Agility offers a line of travel jumps and the Agility in a Bag as practice options – they also happen to work great for small spaces! Even better, they’re easy to pack up and store when they’re not being used.  You can even use them indoors! (Just make sure there’s traction for your dogs’ feet – don’t risk a slip and fall.)
  • Tiny Teeter Options (and more) If there just isn’t enough space for a full A-frame and Dogwalk, consider a contact trainer – A-frame on one side and Dogwalk on the other! This obstacle is great for training end behaviors as well as accustomizing dogs to different surfaces. A smaller dog can use the mini travel teeter – it’ll fit in your trunk!
  • Steps as Contacts If you have stairs, you can practice contacts. Get out your target and get to work!
  • Walks A good long walk helps you build your relationship with your dog – which is the end goal of agility!

What creative solutions do you have for practicing agility in a small area?