Schedule Skills

I know it can seem like there just isn’t enough time in the day for all the things we have on our plates, and often agility is sidelined until we have ‘enough time.’ Try taking a small chunk out of your day for dog time – even just a few minutes of tossing a tennis ball, playing watch me, or a couple jumps or weaves can make a huge difference in your dog’s day, and yours.

2 Comments on “Schedule Skills

  1. I think our dogs are healthier mentally when they are stimulated by play (training) a little each day. My dogs love it. Even if it is review, or playing a game such as 100 things to do with a box! My three love games, puzzles, recall games out in the back yard, using the treadmill, going for a ride, and a walk, and learning something new they can use around the house. I am working on giving all my dogs a job around the house. Right now my Cody’s job is to pick the dog dishes up after breakfast and bring them to me, and he also enjoys closing the cabinets in the kitchen when I open them and picking up laundry I drop on the way to the washer and bringing it to me. Sharon

  2. Absolutely right. It can make the difference. Between a lethargic, neglected dog and an alert animal. It is really a dog owner’s responsibility.