Emergencies and our Pets

Planning for disaster doesn’t mitigate the fallout, but it can help you stay calm, which could make a huge difference in outcome for you and your pet.

Here’s a list of ideas to get you started – do you have any ideas you’d like to share?

  • ID – make sure your pets have ID tags, and preferably microchips as well.
  • Papers – vaccination records,  especially rabies, identification papers
  • Water and bowls – several gallons of water allocated for your pets is a good idea.
  • Several days worth of food in sealed containers
  • Carriers in a handy place
  • Blankets
  • First aid kits
  • Up to date photos
  • Kitty litter and disposable pan, for those who have cats
  • Leashes/harnesses

What else can you think of to include?  The ASPCA has more information here.

1 Comment on “Emergencies and our Pets

  1. In your doggie emergency bag, don’t forget to have a supply of up-to-date medications that your cat or dog is prescribed. Also, heartworm medication, etc. Maybe a toy or favorite item (like a safe Kong, etc.) to help provide some familiar environment (especially, if you have no choice but to leave your pet in a shelter temporarily…..and, one of your old sweaters, etc. — something with your scent on it).