Fall Colors – and Agility Communities

Fall colors are just beginning – bring some fall color to your course with a red or yellow adjustable jump, or a red tire jump!  I enjoy bright colors on my agility course, and it has the added benefit of being easily differentiated from my friend’s jumps if we get together to do agility.

Pooling your resources with other agility enthusiasts is a great way to get ahead, as it were.  Think about it – let’s say you have four jumps, your friend has a tunnel, and some lucky person has a piece of contact equipment.  That’s a great practice course – if you all work together to have a good time.

You can also do treat potluck – exchange your dog’s favorite treats (but do make notes of any ingredients dogs may be allergic to. Hershey is allergic to chicken! 🙁 )

Have fun this fall!