October Contest: Time to Tug!

We’ve been talking a lot about motivation over the last few months here at Agility Fusion – I thought a good solid tug toy would be good for this month’s contest!  These Udder Tugs are made from recycled rubber liners used for cow milking machines. Dogs can’t resist them!  It’s Quick’s all time favorite tug. You can stuff cheese or treats into the tug to make it more enticing, even! It’s big enough to throw, too.

In order to win an Udder Tug, if you haven’t registered for Agility Fusion, take a minute to do so.  You can’t win if you aren’t registered!  Then comment below, telling how you would use this toy to up your dog’s agility ‘game’.  The winner will be selected by random number generator on or around November 1st, and notified via email.

Good luck and happy tugging!

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Contest is now closed – stay tuned for awesome monthly contests!  The winner is lcoulte2! “My BC pup loves to tug! But he is strong and needs tough tug toys. Tugging really helps him to get excited about jumping drills, this would be an excellent motivator.”

37 Comments on “October Contest: Time to Tug!

  1. I have been using this tug toy, or something very similar, for years as it seems almost indestructible. I get it in the milking equipment aisle in a local Farm Store chain in WI. About $8 for a pack of 3 “udders” as we call them.

  2. I have a RR puppy that I wanta start training in Agility and also to teach him to tug. We were at an obedience show this weekend and he took an udder tug out of the ladies bag we were traveling with, She said I think you need to get him one. When we got back from the show she sent me this email, I had never heard of this website before, so i’m a newbie all the way around.

  3. I have two American Cockers that are food motivated, when it comes to practicing agility!! I have heard about this tug toy, but didn’t know the value that dogs can find, when using the tug instead of food! This toy would be great to have!

  4. I using tugging to get the dog interacting and playing with me before attempting to train. If you don’t have your dog’s attention, you aren’t going to accomplish much!

  5. My GSD and GSD mix love to tug on almost anything! The issue is finding tugs made with materials that hold up to their play levels with me!! Fire hose and Balistic nylon have done the best thus far. Would love to try the “milk rubber” though! 🙂 Happy tugging!!! 🙂

  6. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves to tug! She has already gone through a couple of tugs and I would think the udder tug would be more durable!

  7. My pup loves to tug! I think this would be an excellent motivator as we begin training for agility! Very excited to have a toy motivated puppy, and I get to learn what that’s like!

  8. I am just now introducing my standard poodle to agility. I would prefer to use a good motivator such as a tug in place of treats for health reasons.

  9. My Mini Americans are just starting their agility careers and between 2 of them have scored 3 AKC titles in the first 2 outings. I would use the tug toy to get them even more into the excitement of running agility by increasing their play before their work.

  10. My dog, Mia is a terrier and loves to tug. She gets very excited when it comes to agility and a good tug toy reward will help her focus.

  11. The udder tug would be great to warm up and light my dog’s
    fire before practice any sport venue like agility, obedience or rally. It would alert my dog that something great is about to happen and it would help to make practice time more enjoyable for her and me.

  12. We haven’t tried tugging yet, but we’re about to and I think my new young dog will really like it.

  13. I have two dogs , and both of them are ok tuggers . I would try this toy to see if i could get them both to be super tuggers !!!

  14. Standard poodles love toys & need lots of variety. I would alternate this with other tug toys to rev her up before starting an agility run.

  15. My dog loves to play tug. I would use this toy to celebrate as a reinforsement after we have ran a practice course. I would slowly increase the number of obstacles in the course and celebrate each time. My dog has a history of easily being distracted and this would make a good reward to stay focused until the end.

  16. My Doberman Baron loves to tug! He would really love to add this to his tug toy collection.

  17. I’d love to use this to give young dogs another motivation to work other than treats. And some dogs just aren’t food-motivated!

  18. This is different from my dog’s other tug toys. I’d like to try this as a reward for agility performance instead of bait.

  19. Looking for great alternatives to relying on treats all the time. Since we are just starting out in our agility training, the timing is perfect for introducing this great tug toy and establishing fun motivating practice habits from the beginning.

  20. My older Aussie (just going to be 3) ended up retired due to some health issues, and my young Aussie (just turned one) is a challenge to say the least!! Finding tug toys that hold up to his vigorous and energetic pulling has been next to impossible! I’d NOT seen the Udder Tug until your email today and I think it’s a superb item to add to his box of “rewards”. Positive motivators and lots of “play” just adds that fun factor to what we’re asking him to do!!

  21. My BC pup loves to tug! But he is strong and needs tough tug toys. Tugging really helps him to get excited about jumping drills, this would be an excellent motivator.

  22. My girl Josie is on the road to building up confidence she has just started to do trials, and I know tugging can be very helpful in dealing with the environment and also just letting her know it’s ok to have fun. Would love to make this toy part of her’s and I fantastic journey!

  23. My border collies ned to fine a toy that keeps their interest and can be a reward for good behavior and performance.
    The Udder Tug would fit that need.

  24. Tugging with an Udder Tug ups my dogs drive and makes him excel in all performance venues. The udder tug is very sturdy and stands up to his vigorous play!

  25. My geriatric dog, Oin uses certain agility equipment as part of his physical therapy program for degenerative joint disease. Tugging is great for those achy elbows & he also LOVES to tug – this would be a great addition to our program!

  26. A good tug toy is great to have to pump up my dog Gracie to work with me before practicing agility! It’s also good for entertaining her and getting her some exercise.

  27. When I first began training Shiloh in agility, I used treats as reinforcement. I’m trying to transition him now to tug toys instead. I think he’d love this! Also, we got yelled at by a fellow competitor at our first trial recently for barking in line- I think this would be great for helping with that problem, too.

  28. I would use the udder tug to get my dog to tug on a more regular basis. She is a bit of a reluctant tugger, and I would like to increase the value of playing tug.