Tough Little Cookies

Sometimes small dogs seem as cute and fragile and un-dog-like as the dog in this picture, carefully crafted out of flowers.  They aren’t, though!  I’ve met some tough little cookies working here at Affordable Agility, small dogs that could give the medium-sized dogs a run for their money… if only their legs weren’t so short!

TDAA evens that playing field, with courses designed for small dogs and shorter strides.  Affordable Agility’s TDAA equipment is built as tough as a terrier, and just as ready to go!  In TDAA the distance between the obstacles is shortened, bringing high-speed handling back into the game.  If there’s no TDAA in your area, consider seeing if you can find like-minded small dog owners in your area to set up a course with (you can find great course ideas online!)  You’ll be glad you did!