The Holidays and Your Pets

Christmas is the time of giving and cheer, and we love to share it with our pets!  However, many items this time of year can prove hazardous to animal health, so please, keep a watch out for dangerous items and situations!

  • Decorations – light cords, real pine trees, tinsel, poinsettias, chocolates, and mistletoe are all ‘new’ things in the house that a pet will want to explore.  Keep the animals safe by securing decorations and keeping the pets contained and away from open flames and electrical cords.
  • Food – holiday food is notoriously sweet and fatty! Keep treats to pets to a minimum, and food stored safely away from them.  Even the best dog will steal a turkey if it’s left within reach.
  • Stress – with so many people in ‘their’ house, or being in a new place, your pet may stress out. Provide them with a safe place to go to – a quiet room, a crate, or an elevated cat tree.
  • Open Doors – This time of year we are always opening the door to welcome in family, unload the car, or take the packages from Affordable Agility off the stoop. Be careful that your pet doesn’t make a break for the great outdoors!
  • Gifts – sometimes we wrap delicious food and put it under the tree. If your dog or cat is half as smart as you think they are, they probably think it’s a game to unwrap!