Weekend Plans?

Here's Our Plans for this Post-Holiday Weekend!Once in a great while, there’s an opportunity for a weekend with nothing planned. I enjoy it for the first, oh… six hours? then I want to have some fun!  The most fun I’ve discovered with my dogs (for quiet, stay-at-home weekends with a foot or so of snow on the ground, after a walk) is IQ games!  Nova especially adores these – she starts barking when I go to the closet where they’re stored!   I get the treats out, and a good time is had by all, and the dogs aren’t bored. After playtime and walk, it’s naptime and a movie.

I also love to bring them out when company comes over – I amused a young visitor for nearly a half an hour by giving them a cup of Nova’s dinner and letting them put the puzzle together for her!

2 Comments on “Weekend Plans?

  1. My girl is recovering from knee surgery and treat puzzles and game boards have been a lifesaver for her brain! Although, she requires her IQ game boards to be made of good wood instead of plastic…she bangs them hard with her paws to knock out or slide the puzzle pieces.

    • What a cute image! Nova uses her snout, and I have to be sure to keep the toy on a hard surface so the feet can ‘catch’. Well wishes for your girl’s recovery!