Weave Wires

Do you have a dog that ‘pops out’ between poles?  You can resolve this training problem by using weave wires and retraining your dog. Weave wires teach the dog to remain within the path through the end of the weaves. If at any time your dog starts to ‘pop out’ again, bring back the wires! I like this style of weaving because it keeps frustration out of the weaves – it takes repetition, but sets the dog up for continued success and rewards.

2 Comments on “Weave Wires

  1. Mine want to jump over the weaves, or just stop, or crawl under them – anything to get away from the wires.

  2. I trained my now 5 year old BC on the weaves w/o using guides or channels and it resulted in his loving the weaves beyond measure but he remains inconsistent to this day. 1/2 the time he’s perfect and the other 1/2 he’ll pop out on the 2nd pole -was going too fast on entry- or the 10th pole -just wants to get to the next obstacle or I am not in his sight line, and I am unable to work any distance on them. But now I am training my almost 2 year BC on the weaves using the wire guides this time and its going beautifully w/both faster learning and more consistency. I am also starting to retrain the older dog on the weaves using the guides in hope we gain the consistency we need to run in Excellent.