Show Me Love

Every day, every dog shows us, their people, so much love!  Wagging tails, happy faces, playing with us and giving us licks on the face when we’re sad – we’re even running a contest about it right now! 

How do we show our dogs love?  I have a few ideas, but please feel free to share yours!

  • Comfort: We provide our dogs with safe, warm places to live, complete with special beds – or sharing your own!
  • Time: Our dogs cherish every minute of our time and scrap of attention we give them.   They love nothing more than long walks on the beach, or playing fetch by the hour.
  • Treats: What dog doesn’t love cookies?
  • Training: This way of showing love can seem a bit strange, but consider it like this – you are teaching your dog how to behave, which is a rewarding experience for the dog, and keeps them safe.
  • Agility: This is a three-part gift, of time, training, and treats – what a great combo!

How do you show your dog love?