Warming up – and bugging out!

Get a weather eye out for fleas and ticks! Most of the United States had a mild (temperature wise) winter, which means the nasty little parasites didn’t have as much of a die-off as could be hoped.  As warmer weather comes back, so will they, and they’ll latch on to your furry friend like… well… ticks.  I recommend carrying a tick puller on your keychain, in addition to keeping your dog’s flea and tick medicines up to date (don’t forget, these dog medicines are often toxic to cats – ask your vet what will work best for you and your dog).  I check over my dogs every time they come in from field and forest romping – I hate parasites so much!  Does anyone have any tried-and-true methods for keeping their dogs vermin free?

2 Comments on “Warming up – and bugging out!

  1. Ticks and fleas.. argg hate those little buggars! I use aloe vera shampoo on my dogs with tick and flea meds. In the 12 years of training dogs and walking them in fields, forests, mountains and wetlands I haven’t yet had any fleas or ticks. It also keeps their skin healthy!

    “Run it like you won it.”

    • That’s great! do be careful with aloe and animals – aloe nearly killed my cat after he ingested it. I think it’s one of those ‘topical use only!’ things. 🙂