What Breed is your Best?

Doesn’t he look like a black and white Lassie?

There’s no real ‘best’ breed for agility – sure, it may seem that way sometimes, but competitions have many amazing dogs of all breeds, and each handler is different, just like every dog is different!  What breed of dog is best for you? (Yes, I think that crosses or ‘not sure, best guess!’ counts, they’ve always counted for me.)  Answer in the comments below to win an AKC dog breed poster!  Just tell us what breed/cross/best guess your dog is, and what you best love about that type.  Here’s an example for you-

My dog Quick is a rough collie mixed with a border collie mixed with something else large .  I love how unique he looks (black and white Lassie) and that he has plenty of energy, but he isn’t hyperactive.  I love his collie brain.

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Congratulations to Amy!

60 Comments on “What Breed is your Best?

  1. I train a dog named Ruby, who is very food motivated, and energetic about anything, including agility!

  2. My Yellow Lab Ruby, is so energetic about agility, she flies over jumps, and will try almost any new obstacle I introduce her to. I love Ruby!!!

  3. My dogs Lilly and Echo are Border Collies and running them is like running Yin and Yang. Lilly is the serious, all work dog, while Echo is the fun-loving, goofball clown! The best thing is they keep me honest! Love them to pieces!

  4. We have 2 amazing Papillons (10 wks & 18 months). They are so incredibly smart & agile! We have just started teaching the various agility skills using the “Agility-in-a-bag” kit. I thought the baby was too young to even try …. he’s actually doing better than the toddler. So cute!

    • Be careful jumping puppies – it’s recommended they not do anything more than little hops until they’re fully grown. 🙂 I’m glad they’re enjoying it!

  5. My best friend and agility partner is my black Lab mix, Lucy. She is taller and thinner than most labs with Great Dane paws. She fly’s over all of the jumps, quick, and very responsive. She’s happy to do anything I ask her do (except water activities).