Change the Game

Hershey’s wingin’ it!

Is your course boring and humdrum? What can you do to breathe life back into your agility play?

Change it up!  Rearrange your obstacles, and try a difficult new course.  There are great resources online for courses, as well as some of these books.

Add Wings.  Wings add color, distraction, and distance handling to your courses. I really love how easy it is to change the look of my course  by adding wings, taking them off, or switching which jump has wings.

Try a new obstacle!  Put in a challenging new obstacle to learn, such as a spread jump or window jump.  If you don’t have a tunnel, consider adding one, and see how many new exercises you can create using a tunnel and a few jumps. Personally, I like to send my dog into a tunnel and run like mad to get him going VERY fast on his way out, and then a jump chute. Simplistic, yes, but boy is it fun to run!