Keepin’ cool

This contest is for an Affordable Agility Doggie Drencher!  Our most popular water obstacle, this fun item will give you and your dog hours of enjoyment.  To enter this contest, comment below answering this question;

Everybody has a not-so-good day sometimes, and dogs just love to go zooming when we’re distracted!  How do you keep your cool?

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This contest is now closed – the winner was #8, Chenasmith! Congratulations!


68 Comments on “Keepin’ cool

  1. I keep cool by taking a drive with my pooch to the dog park with the windows down and the air conditioning up!

  2. Depends on what I’m doing. If I’m training & we have the zoomies, then it’s time to go play & work off that crazy energy. Sometimes we go back & do a bit of training, other times it’s just time to enjoy my two Aussies being the dogs that they are. In the past when it’s been in competition, and the last time specifically after having one of my prior Aussies take down jump, after jump, after jump — I called him in (after the shock wore off and before he could make the ring stewards’ day any worse by doing more jumps), told him WHAT a good dog he was for coming to me, snapped on his leash, and off we went. They truly are like kids and when it’s just one of those days, you focus on the positive and go back to the drawing board when you have to. This is something FUN to do and share with the dogs and zoomies… well, they’re just part of it!

  3. My dogs and I go fast in the courses to begin with. So if my dog is zooming around acting like a goof then I know right away that it is HANDLER ERROR on my part !!! My handler error is that I obviously have not made our fun time on the course thee most interesting thing to do and so he does it for me. We stop, take 5, 10, 20 or whatever it takes to get our positive energy and thoughts on the same wave length and away we go again ! I also make sure that the PAY CHECK for my dog is a good one ! Including praise, play and food !!

  4. The Doggie Drencher would provde some much needed cooling relief from the long, hot and humid South Carolina dog days of summer.

  5. I usually just try to find the humor in the situation. My agility dog doesn’t get the zoomies all that frequently, but she looks absolutely hilarious when she does and I try to hold on to that amusement rather than get frustrated.

  6. I know dogs never purposely do something that would make us upset. We are the ones that get upset with them. I have to look at all my dog has accomplished in the last 3 years, which includes qualifying enough runs for us to be on level 4 in CPE! We have had our ups and downs in every run which makes agility fun. I would be lost without him and I will miss every moment I’d spent with my dog!! <3 Smoky and Barley

  7. I give Finn permission to run around like a crazy dog. I tell him go play. He loves this game and always comes back to me so I can give him permission to “go play” again.

  8. I just “run” with it if it is in an agility trial and try to get my dog back on track. I remind myself that it is a great day to be playing with my dog and then use the run to continue to try to do the best we can. Not every run will be a Q but every run should be fun!

  9. Panda would love a water jump to use here in during the hot South Carolina summer!

  10. We fill up a big tub and the dogs take a dip or they love being blasted with the hose! We have a new puppy in the house and he would love to have the Doggie Drencher:)

  11. I shake my head and laugh. They have to workout that extra energy, sure wish I could borrow some because they look like their having fun! Then it’s back to practicing or working it through.

  12. How do I keep my cool when my dog has the zoomies? LAUGH – clap my hands – then run in the other direction so my dog chases ME! Don’t be too serious – join in the fun! My lab would LOVE to be the winner of this contest 🙂

  13. This would make a great addition. My senior dog, Sprite can not participate in agility anymore. She was a rescue dog who became my best friend. She introduced me to agility. We had years of fun, and becoming legends in our own minds:) But all too soon our fun togehter ended. She started to take seizures and arthritis set in. Pysically she can not compete, but mentally she is still a star!!! So we play at home. And she has become an at home champion. And this cool water obstical treat would be a great addition as she reaches her MACH tital backyard style!!!! Just picture her as she crosses the finish line with cool water on her head!!! Yippeee!!! Go Sprite, you will always be my SUPERSTAR!!!!!

  14. My dog gets so hot running her agility, this would be a real treat for her to cool off!

  15. Being in Southern Florida, this would be such a great addition to our practice course. I can just imagine the great feeling my dogs will get once they have finished their course and complete this obstacle. They may even get to realize that this is the pot of gold at the end of their course!!!

  16. My youngest lab Hank is a real water rat, loves anything wet! I know he would enjoy this as his mantra seems to be the wetter I am the happier I am!!!!

  17. I keep my cool at work and at play by trying not to take things so seriously. You have to have some fun in life – and that is definitely what my pets bring to me. So, if my dog gets the zoomies during agility, oh well – not our day. She had some fun, and it isn’t the end of the world. And to keep cool when the temperature is up, frozen treats (of appropriate kinds) for both my pup and for me!

  18. This would be a great way to stay cool while doing agility!!! Having fun and staying cool at the same time, who could ask for anything more? My dogs would love it!!

  19. Our summer days start with a good off-leash hike (a favorite of Rudi, Trudi, & Abbi, my 3 Aussies) followed with a game of ball, keep away, & chase. The afternoon is spent in the backyard with a half-full kiddy pool bobbing for hot dog & floating treats; then they practice their jumping using the Hydro Jump so not to get too hot; & we all end the afternoon with a nap in the hammock. Can’t beat it.

  20. We do agility in So. California, so to keep my dog cool I use a cooling mat in his crate, a battery operated fan, and a cooling coat that I lined with a chilly towel, attached with Velcro, so I can wet it and he stays cool. We both hydrate with coconut water. Spoiled, or what?

  21. Everybody has a not-so-good day sometimes, and dogs just love to go zooming when we’re distracted! How do you keep your cool?

    Ice packs & pupscicles! Make homemade pupsciecles & have a puppy pool. We have happy cool dogs:)

  22. It’s all for fun. It’s all for fun. It’s all for fun. Say that ten times and relax before trying again.

  23. Cassie loves to stay cool with the hose and ice cubes. The drencher would be just the obstacle for her!

  24. To keep my dogs cool this time of year, I have kiddie pools out in the yard, add ice to the water buckets and pool, play with a water stream from the hose and take them for a walk near streams. The doggie drencher would be a nice addition to the summer cooling regime.

  25. Hot, muggy season leads me to enter the contest for my water loving pack!
    It will be most enjoyed after hiking, agility, herding and other play periods. Thanks for having this contest.

  26. Meg and Bear love to go swimming in the lake on a hot day, but when that’s not possible they like to munch on frozen carrots.

  27. I look at all the positive things that were done in the ring and make the run fun. It’s all about having fun.

  28. What more could a Lab want besides water to play in or a ball to chase/catch. Jake is a young four year olderster and loves to play in the water. As Jake would say “Choose Me, Choose Me!”

  29. I have goldens who play in our Pool “on Golden Pond” so what would be a better addition that a water obstacle for their agility course in Arizona.

    I would call it “Going with the Flow”

  30. He looks so funny when he gets the zoomies (he also barks as he is going around in circles) that you can’t help laughing.

  31. We keep cool by having a kiddie pool set up in the backyard. The dogs don’t often lay in it but they do jump in splash around for a little bit and then run around like crazy. One of my dogs especially likes to dunk his head. I would love to see what they would do with the doggie drencher!

  32. All our dogs will love this, even the deaf and blind aussies will enjoy themselves,thank you.

  33. Boomer (my Aussie) would love this. He and I agree it is all about having a good time.

  34. Keeping cool? Put the sprinkler on, grab some iced tea from the fridge, and spend the afternoon running barefoot in the yard with the dogs. 🙂

  35. I treat my dog the same way my kids treat me when I (God forbid), embarrass them. Laugh outrageously and pretend I don’t know them.

  36. I try to remember that I am doing this for fun, so if I get mad, I try to look at the positive side of what my dog did.

  37. I always remind myself that first and foremost, I got into agility to have some fun with my dog. He may not win any ribbons for acting like a dork in the ring, but you can bet he’s having fun!
    Another strategy that has helped me greatly to both calm down before a run (and in turn calm Shiloh down) and also to keep my cool when things go wrong is to pick just one little thing to focus on that’s positive. Before a run, I may tell myself that even if we blow everything else, if he nails is contact, or if we handle a particular short sequence well, then I will be happy. Even if we don’t meet the goal I set out, I pick something else to be happy with. Maybe he blew the contact, but his weaves were wonderful. Or maybe your dog didn’t get to any obstacles because they went straight to zoomies- but yay! at least she didn’t leave the ring (or at least she didn’t jump on the judge, or… etc). You can always find *something* positive to be happy about. Each run is about having FUN and about learning something- whether that be from your successes or mistakes. Remembering that constantly helps me deal with less than spectacular runs.

  38. When its really hot outside we go to the doggie beach to keep cool. my boy, Rocky either swims with the other pups or he goes under our wagon and digs a deep hole in the wet sand to lay in. Everyone on the beach comments on how smart of an idea the hole is. BOL!

  39. I try to remember that is all about the fun and just go with it. Most times my Maverick is spot on and does very well, I figure he is due some zoomie time every so often and most times it just makes me laugh.

  40. would love this for my dogs to run thru after doing the rest of their agility stuff !!!