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I have a Yorkshire Terrier, and he’s tiny! I want to do agility with him, and I was curious if there was a club or organization specifically for small dogs. I’ve seen miniature equipment on your website and it looks like a lot of fun!

Little Dog in Littlerock, CA

There certainly is! TDAA- teacup dog agility association– is the agility organization solution to the big personalities in small dogs (under 20”)! Seeing a TDAA course may make you say ‘ooh, cute!’ but the competition is anything but! TDAA equipment is designed for little agility dogs, and in response to your demand, Affordable Agility is now carrying its’ own line of TDAA competition and practice equipment, from pint-sized jumps to a wonderful dogwalk.

“The purpose of the Teacup Dogs Agility Association is to provide a competitive venue for dogs of small stature without regard to breed or pedigree.” (Bud Houston, a founder of TDAA) Every small dog has their day, and thanks to Affordable Agility, every small dog can have their equipment! Our equipment is suited for your teacup dog, and meets TDAA equipment requirements. Smaller obstacles means your dog will be using equipment that’s ‘just right’ for them. Our equipment may look cute and cuddly, but like your dog, it’s made of tougher stuff! Obstacles are built to last and give your big dog in a small body an obstacle built with them in mind.

Small dogs need to have a course and equipment that allows them to showcase their skills. With a full sized course, there’s distance between obstacles for general safety, making tiny dogs’ course times slower, and handling less of a challenge. On a TDAA course, obstacles are closer together, which is perfect for little dogs and smaller spaces! There’s an element of speed and handlers’ challenges on TDAA courses that your teacup won’t find in other venues.

When you play in TDAA, you’re doing what’s best for your tiny agility dog. It’s not about daunting obstacles, it’s about fun! Your dog will be safer, more confident on course, and you’ll both enjoy your agility experience more. If you’re looking for TDAA in your area, check here.

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  1. I love TDAA! I have a Papillon and we also compete in “regular” venues for dogs of all sizes, but there is a lot more running involved in those venues. TDAA calls for sharper handling skills because the obstacles are placed much closer together and the dog can see more options all the time. While the club that I trial TDAA at isn’t nearly as competitive as regular venues, we always have a great time!

  2. There is also a Facebook page Agility Yorkies for Yorkies doing agility all around the world. Open to anyone doing agility or wanting to do agility with their Yorkies.