What size tunnel should I get?

There is a wide variety to suit all your tunneling needs, but sometimes it’s nice to hear the pluses – and minuses – of individual tunnels, or suggestions on which might be best.

Generally, our practice line is great for backyard use with a few dogs. These tunnels are lighter than what you might see at a competition, and made out of heavy-duty canvassy material. Store it somewhere dry and out of the sun when not in use to make your tunnel last longer!

The competition line is heavy duty, super strong, and fits competition standards. These tunnels are a bit more expensive than the practice tunnels, but clubs, trainers, and some individuals find it worthwhile.

Length: If you want nice S curves, a 15-20’ tunnel is best, but if all you need is a simple C, a 9’ will work nicely! Our 6’ tunnels are for small dogs, and they can also be coaxed into a C shape – although it’s a sharp curve on those tunnels!

Diameter: We offer 19”, 22”, 24” and 28” diameter tunnels! How do you choose?! When in doubt, I always suggest our customers go with competition diameter – 24” for most organizations. If you are not going to compete at any time and have a giant breed, you may like the 28” super giant tunnels. The 19” diameter works for toy dogs or puppies, but we don’t suggest it for taller dogs.