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  1. Hi, i have a stradfordshire terrier and a golden retriever/mix. My stradfordshire terrier loves agility, but she is almost 1 and like goes crazy dog when im jumping her. Any tips on how to stop this? And my Golden retriever/mix hasnt gotten the hang of the weave polls yet, any metheds i can try?

    • Hi, in regards to weave poles, there are a few popular and very effective methods of training, including weave wires, channel weaves, or even 2×2 weaves. There are many different types to choose from, for every budget. Click Here for a short video about the channel weaves. Click Here for a short video about the weave wires. Click Here for a list of weave training products and accessories, including the 2×2’s. In regards to the overly excited jumping terrior, this is tricky… as you do want agility to be fun, and not something in which you find yourself correcting behavior too much. As this can have negative consequence on your dog. You could try removing any distractions (like another dog in yard) or finding a different location, and taking your dog back to the basics with small baby steps – as though your dog is new to the jump (bar low), utilizing positive reinforcement (ie. snacks) only when behaving while performing.