Mojo Gives Life for the Life Given Him

bestfriendsWe love to hear all the wonderful stories of adopted dogs that have found their new forever homes and have contributed back to their new families in ways they could never have imagined.  And while there are plenty of stories that include puppy purchases there is just something special about adopted dogs.  If you have adopted you will know what I am talking about.

So enjoy this beautiful story of how Mojo, an adopted Border Collie, helped his new mom, Cyndy Glazier, not only survive her fight with breast cancer, but help her thrive through her recovery.

August 2008, I adopted my wonderful border collie puppy, Mojo, with the idea of starting agility training.  We went through obedience classes and had just started some puppy agility when, in February 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage 3B breast cancer.

I was thrown into a debilitating treatment regime of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  My wonderful husband jumped in to help train our dog.  Scott and Mojo bonded and discovered a love of agility work together.  I like to say that during my cancer treatment my husband stole my dog.

What all of us owners of dogs with an agility drive know, is they need exercise.  My friends signed up to help walk Mojo during the first week of my chemotherapy cycles. I couldn’t impose on them during the second and third weeks of this treatment.

Because of Mojo, I was forced to get up out of bed and walk.  We couldn’t go far, but I did get up.  Exercise is one of the things doctors recommend to help a patient get through chemotherapy.  Without my dog, I very well could have laid in my bed feeling sorry for myself and delayed my recovery.  The same through surgeries and radiation and more surgeries.  My dog helped my recovery and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Four years later, I am cancer free! I have advanced to 2 more agility dogs and Mojo and Scott still work together.  But Mojo made all the difference in me!

Cyndy Glazier
Jacksonville, Florida

Wow!  Mojo gave life back to his family in exchange for the life they gave back to him!  There is no way they could have known the huge part Mojo would play in the Cyndy’s recovery from cancer.  This is the greatest reward for taking a chance on a shelter dog.  It is always amazing how much our furry friends can do for us without even thinking about it.  Some say dogs are our fur babies, but I say they are much more than that.  They are the best example of unselfish, unconditional love that we can embrace.  They are partners that give the lion’s share of the partnership to us in exchange for a warm place to sleep, food in their bellies and time just being with us.  No selfish motives, no personal gains, just pure companionship.

So go give your dogs a hug and thank them for all they give without even knowing.  Yeah, they won’t understand the words, but I guarantee they will understand your affections.