Crazy Critter Agility

crazy critter agilityIf you spend some time on YouTube looking for dog agility videos you will at some point run into videos of all kinds of different animals doing their own version of dog agility.  From cats to chickens, fish to turtles, there isn’t much in the way of surprising us anymore.

Sometimes you scratch your head and have to ask, “Why?”  But that would negate the atmosphere we all strive for in dog agility and that is a sense of humor.  No, I highly doubt that there will ever be a International Lamb Agility competition but you have to admit it would be super cute to see all those adorable lambs in one building.  Or, how about a World Barnyard Animal Competition, nope, not going to happen.  Still it might be hilarious to see chickens, pigs and mice literally tearing up the agility field.

Just keep in mind all these animals prove one important aspect that we can take very seriously, if they can do it then you and your dog most certainly can as well.  It proves that if we are creative enough in our training we can get the most unlikely critters to do our bidding with joy and enthusiasm.  And in all fairness, you have it quite easy compared to this motley crew in that you have a companion animal that is hard wired to work together as a pack to get things accomplished.   You just need to take up the helm as pack leader and show them the way.

So sit back and relax knowing your job isn’t as hard as you may sometimes feel and enjoy some of these crazy critters doing what we love best, having fun with agility.