What Is The Best Dog Agility Contact Surface

pampered paws rubber_surface_kitDog agility is a living breathing sport that continues to grow and change in many ways.  Handlers find better ways of training their dogs, dogs become faster and stronger athletes and competitors demand safer and better equipment and course designs.

We have come such a long way from the older style of submersion training where the dogs are lured over obstacles as many times as it takes for them to become comfortable with the obstacle.  Then the dogs were encouraged to go faster and jump higher with little concern for form and technique.  It is more common place now to see shaping techniques for training where the dog is taught form and technique, muscle groups built up and muscle memory made before the dog even looks at the equipment.

Due to this change in training and better handling, the dogs have become faster and more accurate in their runs.  Running contacts, fast entries into the weaves and onto the table and teeter are more common place making older equipment unsafe.  The angle of the A-frame has been lowered, the tire is being changed from a solid obstacle to a breakaway design, tunnel straps have been made wider and contact surfaces are being changed from plain or sand to rubberized.

All these changes are in effort to keep the sport safe for all dogs, big and small, fast and not so fast.  We want to keep our sport fun for everyone and especially our dogs who cannot speak for themselves and ask for these improvements to their course equipment.  That is why we at www.affordableagility.com have introduced Pampered-Paws coating kits to our long list of equipment designed with your dog’s safety in mind.

So what makes Pampered-Paws different, and better, than all other coating systems you may be asking?  Pampered-Paws kits have been specially developed to a perfect blend of glue and rubber, along with a proven application method that have been tested and tried until perfected.  You get the detailed directions so you will be ensured of the same quality of application.

Unlike ‘skins’ and ‘wet pour methods’, which can be as rough and hard as a sanded surface, Pampered-Paws is softer and plush.  And unlike ‘sprinkle methods’ of application, which can be patchy and wear quickly, Pampered-Paws is beautifully uniform in appearance and lasts much longer!  Plus, Pampered Paws Rubber Coating does not add much weight to the obstacle, unlike wet pour and skins.  Here are the approximate weights added by application of Pampered Paws.

Pause Table = 6.75
Rocker Board = 5
A-Frame = 40.5
Mini A-Frame = 16
Contact Trainer = 14
Competition Dog Walk = 27
TDAA Dog Walk = 15.75
TDAA Teeter = 5.25
Mini Travel Teeter = 5.25
Competition Teeter = 9

The color-infused rubber chips will adhere to ANY surface, whether vinyl, plastic, metal, fiberglass, or wood so you will be able to fully cover all contact areas of all your dog agility equipment.  Be sure to stop by our website and get started on the process of converting all your dog agility contact equipment to rubberized surfaces to increase both the safety of your equipment and increase your dog’s traction and speed.