National Adopt A Dog Month

adopt a dog monthThere are so many dogs in dog agility that have been given a second lease on life through adoption and October is national Adopt-a-Dog month. Which means if you are thinking of getting another dog, now is the time to take advantage of special promotions to help you. Many animal shelters waive fees, offering specials on spaying and neutering, and give ‘take home packages’ to new dog owners.

And going to a dog agility home means shy, confident, trouble makers and hyper dogs have such a great advantage because agility has a way of taking those attributes and creating a happy, confident dog that has a job and a loving home.

“Humane Association established Adopt-A-Dog Month® in October 1981 as an annual event to encourage people to save lives and enhance their own lives by adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group. Thirty-two years later, that message is as strong, true and important as ever, as millions of dogs in shelters await adoption every year.” –

But you don’t have to adopt a dog to be a big help to the over population of unwanted pets.  You can donate to a local shelter or rescue with either time or money.  You can ensure you neuter your pets as well as get the word out about the need for other pet owners to do the same.  And don’t forget to ID your pets with tags and/or micro-chipping.  This ensures that your dog can find it’s way back to you quickly and safely.

If we all do what we can, we can put a dent into an age old problem of the overabundance of unwanted dogs.  And if you know someone that is considering getting a new dog, be sure to put the bug in their ear about all the wonderful benefits of adoption for dog and human alike.