Simple Hyper Dog Fixes

hyper dog fixesMost hyper dogs or those that get overly excited are a result of boredom or lack of stimulation.  Dogs with high drive or high energy will be the most prone as well as dogs that are required to stay at home alone all day.  Some make the mistake that this behavior is cute or shows how much the dog loves you.  Others are laden with guilt about being away from their dog and allow the behavior because they don’t want to correct the dog for what they feel they have made the dog into.  But all is not lost if you dog has become a bit out-of-control, some simple changes in your interactions with him can make a big difference in his world.  Believe it or not, your dog will be happier and healthier when he learns to control his emotions.

One of the easiest, yet hardest fixes is to simply ignore the dog’s hyper behavior.  Your dog has learned that he will get rewarded with your attention when he acts the fool.  Instead, start rewarding your dog for calm behaviors.  It will be hard at first but you must not talk to, make eye contact with or touch your dog while he is having an outburst.  Then when he settles don’t get all gitty and start him on round two of hyper behavior.  Reward with a calm word or treat.

Taking your dog out for a walk or outside for some ball play is a great way to redirect your dog who is high energy.  If they have been pent up all day they will need to release that energy in a positive and healthy way.  Plus, he will be better able to settle once that excess energy has been used.  When you go for your walk be sure it is a fast paced walk so you are using plenty of energy.  If you cannot do that then try bike riding.  Or you can give your dog a job and have him carry a backpack with some weight to it.  This way he can concentrate on the pack rather than other distractions.

Giving your dog a regular job is another way to keep him stimulated and happy.  Carrying things for you, picking up the trash in the yard, fetching the paper, be creative.  Most of you have your dogs enrolled in dog agility or obedience.  Set up a regular work schedule with them to keep both their minds and bodies in shape.

Remember, your dog is your mirror and if he is developing behaviors that are not normal for him it may be that he is feeding off you.  Maybe you are burdened with worries from work or family issues.  Nervous or anxious moods can cause you to project nervous or anxious body language or voice that will affect your dog’s energy.  Before you go into the house, sit in your car and disconnect from work and problems.  Come home with a calm, clear mind so your dog will not be burdened with your work stress.

Having a calm and receptive dog is not impossible, but it will take work on your part especially in making changes to your lifestyle and interactions with your dog.  Just keep in mind how much happier you both will be in the end without the extra stress hyper activity brings to both you and your dog.