Dog Agility Fun Match Game Idea

fun match funWe all like the holidays as a reason to get together and enjoy some games with our friends and dogs.  It is also a great time to bring friends and their dogs to see what dog agility is all about.  Some clubs will have the usual games such as bobbing for hotdogs, relay races, short obstacle courses with lowered equipment and costume contests.

Here is another great game shared with us by Debbie Sacerich that is sure to lighten the mood and get everyone into the fun of dog agility.  All you need is a simple course with lowered jumps, a-frame and teeter.  You can set some fun traps like two tunnels connected so if the dog takes the tunnel trap they will be WAY far off.

But the real fun comes with the challenges.  Take 3×5 cards and write a challenge on each card.  Each handler picks a card just before they run and has to do whatever the card tells them to do.

Here are some examples:

*You better have a really great dog,  for every fault you get AS YOU RUN THE COURSE you have to remove a piece of clothing as you run (not watches or jewelry).

*Agility is all about concentration and focus–as you run we will try and distract you with catcalls, clapping whistles, bouncing ball and offering food!

*Are you multi-talented?  Run this course while singing  “How much is that doggy in the window” and absolutely nothing else.

*You have to be prepared in agility. Run obstacles 1-2-3 and put on what is in the mystery bag at 4, then complete the course with the item on.  Things you put in the bag can be raincoats, huge boots, floppy hats, hula hoop and so on.

*Run the course holding a Dixie cup of water in each hand.

Use your imagination in creating the cards and filling the bag. Think of all the fun you are going to have and get ready to BOL!  Everyone will have a blast, even those who have to run the course instead of the dog!