How Do You Find a Reputable Dog Breeder

reputable dog breederWe promote adopting dogs as much as we can because we have seen the healing effects of dog agility on both dog and owner.  Not only that, but dog agility is a venue where breed doesn’t matter making it a perfect fit for adopted dogs and their owners. We also know that adoption may not be the best answer for everyone for various reasons.

And there are breeders out there that pride themselves in producing dogs with winning personalities and plenty of dog agility ability. But how do you know which is right for you, shop or adopt. I don’t think anyone can answer that question for another person. However, we do have a question that needs to be addressed before you make a commitment.

How do you find a reputable breeder. We have heard several stories of individuals that thought they were following the buyers protocol for weeding through bad breeders only to find they had been scammed. One person went to an advertised breeder, visited the location, asked all the appropriate questions for the breed and got what they thought were the correct answers but didn’t do the correct follow up.

When asked about hips, they were told the parents were both certified but didn’t demand to see the certificates. They asked to see the parents, which the breeder quickly brought out the two males and showed them off. But when asked to see the dam, didn’t realize the complications when told she had another litter and couldn’t be seen. Unfortunately, their dog’s agility career came to an abrupt halt when he refused jumps and they found he severe hip dysplasia.

Another couple was looking to get involved with a Pomeranian breeder. The breeder had a website with lots of pictures of her showing several different dogs. They thought surely this breeder was invested into her dogs only to discover the breeder had twenty dogs on her own property and numerous homes that held, bred and raised more of her dogs. Some as many as 10 dogs and the individuals were not breeders by any stretch of the imagination. These dogs being bred on every heat cycle until they could no longer breed or died.

So, we want to know, how do you find a reputable if your choice is to buy rather than adopt. Your help could save someone a ton of heart break and maybe even shut down bad breeders on the way.