Naming Your Dog Made Easier

Name your dogNaming your new dog can sometimes be a daunting task especially if the puppy/dog is a rescue from a shelter or rescue. Sometimes registered dogs may already have a call name depending on the age of the dog. While some have a real aversion to naming pets human names the list compiled by, well not sure who compiles them, anyway the lists being spread around are for the most part people names.

We posted this list from the year 2009 and it is interesting to see that many of the names, though in different standings, are still on the top 10 list of popular names.

  1. Bella / Max
  2. Molly / Buddy
  3. Lucy / Rocky
  4. Maggie / Bailey
  5. Daisy / Jake
  6. Sophie / Charlie
  7. Sadie / Jack
  8. Chloe / Toby
  9. Bailey / Cody
  10. Lola / Buster

This years list is shaping up like this:

  1. Elsa / Sawyer
  2. Bella / Jack
  3. Stella / Hudson
  4. Quinn / Finn
  5. Sophie / Emerson
  6. Ivy / Bear
  7. Charlie (yes for the girls) / Puppy (original we know)
  8. Aurora / Max
  9. Avery / Kai (ocean)
  10. Lila / Cooper

There you have it for the 10 most popular dog names and yes, some of them are even topping the charts for baby names. But don’t think you have to be in the “norm” for you dog’s name. Names can describe your dog such as Blue or Beau. Or they can come from registered names such as Kit from Kit & Caboodle or KC for Kasimar Camillo. Whatever you choose know your dog won’t care what you call them as long as you call them for dinner.

Just keep in mind how that name will roll off your tongue when used for training. Beau sounds an awful lot like No, a word we try not to use, but still. And dogs respond best to single syllable words or at least they tune out the rest. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be original, sometimes a dog name can start some really neat conversations.