With all These Benefits Why Not Give Coconut Oil a Chance

benefits of feeding coconut oilBy now you have most likely run into coconut oil in the grocery store, online or even in talking with other dog owners as it has such a long list of benefits for both man and beast it can’t stay a secret much longer.  On the other hand, if you have not heard about coconut and it’s many wonders then read on and learn about this great diet supplement.

Coconut oil falls under the classification of a “good” fat and, yes there really is such a category of fat.  It is also dubbed a brain food and cool energy source for humans and dogs alike.  A perfect source of  both essential fatty acids 3 and 6, the key components for healthy skin and hair.  And as such it does well helping to alleviate skin infections and skin allergies.

Omega 6, found in coconut oil, is responsible for creating a smooth and shiny coat and is fundamental fatty acid needed for healthy hair.  Omega 3 fatty acid is known for it’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties which helps relieve dog skin conditions such as itchy skin, skin allergy, and other inflammatory skin diseases.

And while you will see these benefits when feeding coconut oil to your dog, it also has great list of benefits when applied to the outside of the body as well.  It is a superb moisturizer for your dog’s dry elbows and cracked pads as a stand alone or mixed in to your own moisturizer recipe.  It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making a great additive to your dog’s shampoos for skin irritations.

We know that coconut oil also helps both man and beast with maintaining a healthy thyroid, reduces the risk of heart disease, increases metabolism and energy (as a cool energy), prevents bacterial, viral and fungal infections, rejuvenates skin and is a super moisturizer, hair conditioner, massage oil, and great in soaps and shampoos.

So why wouldn’t you have some on hand for both you and your dog’s insides and outsides as well?  At the maintenance dose of 1 tsp per 10-20 pounds of body weight it is a great addition to any diet and dogs will usually lick it straight off the spoon.  If you have a success story of the use of coconut oil for you or your dog, we would love to hear it.  Just scroll down to the comments area and leave your story their for everyone to see.

Do note that it is indeed an oil and any changes to your dog’s diet especially an oil needs to be done in a gradual manner.