Emergency Preparedness for Your Agility Dog

emergency preparednessAny outing is a potential for injury, accident or emergency but they can happen at home to. And while planning for disaster doesn’t mitigate the fallout, it can help keep you calm. That alone can make a huge difference in outcome for you and your pet. We are going to give you a list of the core items you should have together both at home and in the car when you are heading to a trial or other event with your dog(s).

  1. Pet ID’s – make sure your pets have ID tags on their collars as well as microchip implants.
  2. Health Papers – vaccination records, especially rabies, checking with officials if copies are ok.
  3. ID card in your wallet with emergency numbers for you and your pets and a list in your home kit.
  4. Registration or any identification papers again checking if copies are legal for competitions.
  5. Water & bowls – a gallon per dog in the car and several gallons at home, especially in hot weather.
  6. Several days worth of food in sealed containers for home and depending on the trip at least one meal in the car.
  7. Carriers/crates stored in a handy place and strapping if you have a large dog crate to be secured in a truck bed.
  8. Blankets for bedding as well as covering crates for your dog’s privacy away from home.
  9. First aid kits at home and in every car for both human and pets.
  10. Up to date photos that show all identifiable markings, conformation and “birth marks.”
  11. Leashes/harnesses stored with carriers/crates.

Keep emergency information, food & water and first aid together in a “Doggie Emergency Bag” together with the carrier/crates at home and in the car. And don’t forget your pets medications or a list of medications your dog is on in case you are not there. It is also a great idea to keep a favorite toy and/or old sweater/shirt with your scent on it in case your dog has to stay in an unfamiliar place for a time.

If you have any additional ideas we would love to hear them. Simply scroll down to the comments and leave your ideas there.