What are the NADAC Extreme Games Challanges

Dog agility is alive and I don’t mean it is active, I mean dog agility is literally a living organism that breathes, grows and changes every year. It becomes bigger, better, safer and more challenging so that no one ever grows tired of playing this great sport. Top it off with all the different venues there are to choose from and dog agility really is a sport that ANYONE and ANY DOG can participate in. Right now we are going to take a look into NADAC’s Extreme Games Challenges.

It really is hard to believe that NADAC got it’s start in the early nineties as it seems like it has been around for forever. Known now for it’s own rule standards and a focus on fun and safety for the dog and handler, it has developed into a “games” venue. As little as 10 years ago not many people had heard of hoopers, gaters or barrels. Now it is synonymous with NADAC and puts a strong focus on distance work and ground speed.

So what are these games today? According to the NADAC website they are defined as follows:

  • Extreme Barrel Racing tests the dog and handler on a course that is comprised of barrels only.
  • Extreme Chances tests the dog and handler on a course that has distance tests comprised of tunnels, hoops, barrels and gates.
  • Extreme Gaters tests the dog at high speeds while performing a course comprised of tunnels, gates, barrels and hoops. The dog must circle the gates or barrels as directed by the course numbers between the tunnel performances.
  • Extreme Hoopers is a numbered course comprised of hoops and a ‘gate circle’. Part of the course is a large circle of gates and hoops in which the dog must race into and out of the circle as directed by the course design. The handler is restricted from running around the circle by restrictive ‘wings’, so the team is also being tested on distance skills.

As with all other venues they have jump height divisions, four for Extreme Games which are as follows:

  • A dog 11” or under will belong to the 8” height group.
  • A dog over 11”, up to and including 14” will belong to the 12” height group.
  • A dog over 14”, up to and including 18” will belong to the 16” height group.
  • A dog over 18” will belong to the 20” height group.

And of course you can earn titles in the Extreme Games Challenge and like all other venues it is about your team’s performance, not a competition against other teams. You can win ribbons and the like for that if you are a competitive person. Titles are given at the following points break down.

  • 300 points ~ Title – (XGT-N, XCC-N, and XHP-N for the Novice level), (XGT-O, XCC-O, and XHP-O for the Open level), and (XGT-E, XCC-E, and XHP-E for the Elite level).
  • 600 points ~ Outstanding Title –(O-XGT-N, O-XCC-N, and O-XHP-N for the Novice level), (O-XGT-O, O-XCC-O, and O-XHP-O for the Open level).
  • 1000 points ~ Outstanding or Superior Title –(S-XGT-N, S-XCC-N, and S-XHP-N for the Novice level), (S-XGT-O, S-XCC-O, and S-XHP-O for the Open level), and (O-XGT-E, O-XCC-E, and O-XHP-E for the Elite level).

If you have a fast dog or you want to showcase your distance work than NADAC is the place to go. Want to learn more about these great games and other classes NADAC has to offer? Go ahead and check out their website by clicking here.