Find Out if You are Addicted to Dog Agility

dog agility addictionWhat does addiction mean anyway? Well, according to one online dictionary: In physical addiction, the body adapts to the substance being used and gradually requires increased amounts to reproduce the effects originally produced by smaller doses.

When you say it that way you open Pandora’s box! Here are ways to tell if you have a dog agility addiction:

  • Money is no longer an object when you need more/new practice equipment. You can do without a hair cut or color. Grey is an “in” color and your hair has always been cute pulled back. Who needs to a new car? Yours still runs, downhill.
  • While you are “saving” for that new equipment you have pictures of it on the refrigerator, cubical wall and bathroom mirrors.
  • When you see a row of poles, trees or bushes, you feel the need to weave through it with or without your dog.


  • When your car always has agility equipment, leashes, treat bags and crates in it and you’re okay with that.


  • When you decide another dog is necessary so this time you can start with a puppy.
  • Your firewood, paint buckets, etc. make great jump wings and you check Pinterest for dog agility pallet projects.



  • You know unequivocally how high all your dogs are jumping in every organization you frequent.


  • You have a copy of your dog’s records in your purse, car, bedroom nightstand, computer…


  • You agonize over treats for your dog so he stays interested as you munch the same nut mix every time.



  • Your eyes light up when you meet someone complements your dog’s behavior while complaining about their “high energy” dog. Yes! A potential convert!!!



  • You have fifty billion clickers and you still can’t find your car keys.

The fewer the symptoms the less severe the addiction. If you, like me, have even more symptoms the only cure is to trial ’til you can no longer run…or walk…or work a wheelchair…